Parish Office:

203 Roxboro Road
Mattydale, NY

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Phone: (315) 455-5534

Faith Formation Office:

Phone: (315) 263-4396

Human Development Office:

Phone: (315) 454-4515

Parish Staff:

  • Pastor: Fr. Christopher J. Celentano
  • Parochial Vicar: Fr. Dennis Walker
  • Deacon Donald Whiting
  • Deacon David G. Losito
  • Interim Faith Formation Director: Sheila Stone
  • Human Development Director: Mrs. Donna Skrocki
  • Parish Secretary: Mrs. Patti Phillips
  • Business Administrator: Mrs. Christina Marcuccio
  • Sacristan:
  • Liturgy Coordinator/Music Ministry: Mr. Michael Stephan
  • Parish Council President: Mrs. Margaret Deleo
  • Youth Ministry: Sheila Stone

Mission Statement

The Parishioners of St. Margaret’s faith community strive continuously to grow in the love and service of God and one another. Each member contributes his or her talents in the growth process through meaningful liturgies, sharing prayer, and faith. Our parish vision reflects the hopes and dreams of our parish as a worshiping community with a vibrant prayer life, celebrating the Sacraments and meaningful liturgies and being a community of service sensitive to the needs of others, evangelizing and spreading the “Good News” to all people.

Ministry to the Dying

Call the main parish office at (315) 455-5534; if there is no answer on that line, please call (315) 455-5535

Sick Calls

If you will be undergoing surgery or are home bound, please contact the parish office at (315) 455-5534 so that we may administer the Sacrament of the Sick. Remember, this is not the Last Rites; it is the Church praying for healing. E-mail:

Parish Registration

Please call the parish office to register in the parish (315) 455-5534. Also call the office to learn more about our programs and ministries and to become involved in parish activities. Or read about our Ministries on this site, and volunteer to share your talents.

Pastoral Council


To assist and collaborate with the Pastor and Parochial Vicar the spiritual and material administration of St. Margaret’s Parish and to facilitate a greater awareness among the parish as a whole of what “Church” is all about.
To serve as a medium of communication whereby any and all members of St. Margaret’s Parish may make known their views on all matters concerning St. Margaret’s Parish and the community, whether spiritual or temporal.
To recommend and implement courses of action which will promote the good of the parish.
To assist in church spiritual and material activities.



Membership of the council shall be made up of both ex-officio members: Pastor, Parochial Vicar, Trustees, Deacon, Representative of St. Margaret’s School; a Representative from the Religious Education Program, and the members-at-large elected in May by the members of the parish to serve a three year term. There are nine members- at-large on the Pastoral Council.

Meetings are scheduled six times a year and are open to all members of the parish.


Parish Finance Committee

According to church law, every parish must have a finance council which is regulated by universal church law and the norms of the local bishop. In the Diocese of Syracuse, a parish finance committee consists of the two parish trustees as well as other qualified persons appointed by the pastor. A representative from the parish council and someone from St Margaret School also attend finance committee meetings. This committee assists the pastor in the preparation of the annual budget and financial report for the church and school and offers advice on the administration of parish goods. The finance committee of St. Margaret’s Church generally meets four times a year.

Current permanent members are trustees Michael Dunne and Kelly Merrill as well as Dino Gentile, Margaret DeLeo, Donna Skrocki, Rev. Christopher Celentano, and Christina Marcuccio, Parish Business Manager.