Altar Rosary Society

St. Margaret’s Altar Rosary Society is an organization of mostly women (some men do join us when we say the rosary in church) who devote themselves to praying the rosary daily and cleaning the Church and Chapel altars monthly.  Our other endeavors include raising funds to purchase the hosts used during Mass and purchasing the purificators, when needed, along with washing and ironing them weekly.
Currently we have a group of approximately 100 members.  About 25 members are very active and attend the monthly meetings held on the third Thursday of every month.  We begin by meeting in the Chapel to say the rosary. We then proceed to the meeting room for our business meeting followed by refreshments and a social hour where we converse with one another or play dominoes.
The active members have become a close-knit group who share happy and sad times.  If a family of a deceased member makes the request, we will go as a group and pray the rosary for our lost member
For more information, please contact the rectory at 315-455-5534.


Health Care Ministry

A number of RN’s, your fellow parishioners, have banded together to begin a Health Care Ministry here at Saint Margaret’s. We hope this will be an extension of Christ’s healing ministry as to us in “The Gospels.” We will begin simply during the summer by being present to take blood pressure after some of the weekend masses. The bulletin heading of “Health Care Ministry” will list the times that nurses will be available after mass in the teacher’s room (the room directly next to the auditorium in the school corridor). We also welcome ideas that you may have about how we can serve you. We welcome any RN’s or other health care providers such as LPN’s, pharmacists, social workers, rehabilitation experts, or physicians who are interested in joining our team. Please call the rectory at 314-455-5534 and leave a name, number and email.